Technical Support: How To Watch

So everyone who isn’t able to come to our party in-person will have the opportunity to WATCH it live! My gosh, don’t you LOVE modern day technology?! Now, this concept excited many but baffles many as well… so here is how it will work.

Google has a social media feature called “Google Plus”. Within Plus is the opportunity to “Hangout” – we do this from time to time with Oliver’s family, and I’ve used it in the past for telepractice as well. It works kind of like Skype, but allows multiple computers (up to 10) to chat – which means mini-family reunions are 10x more fun! Now, we would hate to limit the live viewing to only 10, so we’ll be using a brand new feature called “live streaming”. This means the video will be available to view in Google Hangout, on Youtube and possibly even on the blog! ALL LIVE! My geekiness is reaching a new level *smile* Tip: If you watch in Hangout, you will be able to see who else is viewing and they can see you! Here is a promo video Google put out to explain it more:

So, if you want to watch via Google Hangout:

  • Sign up for free at Google Plus (even if you have a gmail account, you still need to activate Plus!)
  • Make sure you have all the plugins downloaded by starting a hangout (with no one) and following the prompts
  • Friend me on Google Plus – taranicoleslp at gmail dot com
  • It will automatically put the Hangout in my newsfeed when we go live!
  • Hint: There is also a mobile app, so you can participate in hangouts via your cell! AndroidiPhone

If you want to watch it on Youtube:

  •  Make sure you have a YouTube account (hint: if you have a gmail account, you do!)
  • Go to: My Channel > Feed and click the video with the “live” logo next to it!

If all else fails, check here around 3:30 PST tomorrow – I’ll be posting links as we get them to try and make this as easy as possible for everyone!

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  1. Diana Shaw Avatar
    Diana Shaw

    I won’t be able to watch live. I have people coming over at that same time. You’ll have the recording posted though, yes? Can’t wait to hear!

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