Milking It: Power Pumping

Milking It: Power Pumping |

I had never heard of “Power Pumping” when I began my breastfeeding journey. The concept behind “Power Pumping” is to simulate your little one going through a growth spurt. You know, that time every few months where it feels like they are attached to you 24/7. When you Power Pump, you make your body believe the baby is needing a LOT more food IMMEDIATELY. Which is exactly what you need to convince your body of when your supply isn’t enough. You are telling your ta-tas “MORE! MORE!”

Many moms struggle keeping their supply up when they are pumping at work. A pump just isn’t the same as baby, and often the milk begins to taper off. This is a huge concern, plus it builds up the “mommy guilt” (“Maybe I should be a stay—at-home mom”, “I can’t feed my own child…”). Sometimes time away from baby can also cause a drop. That quick business trip, weekend away, etc can be all it takes to dry you up. Other times a lot of stress. A deployed family member, illness, financial problems. But it *is* possible to get that supply up again!

The Pattern

Pump for 10 minutes. Then, take a 10 minute break. Repeat this for at least 1 hour per day. Most people report seeing an increase in their supply in just a few days!

So if you find yourself needing to up your supply, create yourself a little “Power Pumping Mommy Time-Out” after the little one is in bed tonight. Make yourself a batch of lactation cookies, pour yourself a cup of Mother’s Milk tea, turn on some music/a movie and get your Power Pump pattern going. Not only are you making more milk for the munchkin, you are also giving yourself an emotional reprieve and energy boost as well!

Hopefully your body will kick it into high gear to try and provide sustenance to your little sweet cheeks! Happy pumping!

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