Birds: Week One Day Two & Three


Tuesday started with Storytime with the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. It was a nice slow start to the morning at the kitchen table!

That was followed up with an Outschool class Pip signed up for with one of his co-op friends. We are really liking this teacher and her classes. She’s great with classroom management, engaging the kids, and always ends with a fun experiment. Last week they took one on Elements, Components and Mixtures then finished up with making slime. Today it was on Liquids, Solids and Gasses and they ended with making ooblek! It’s now become tradition that once the class finished, Pip and his friend call each other back on Zoom, invite the younger siblings in and they all play with the experiments together. Today was not different and ooblek was everywhere! Messes always mean a great time happened.


We spent almost our whole day out at a local lake that has a variety of birds. We hiked, watched, researched names of birds we saw, drew in our nature journals, pulled out the binoculars a LOT… we were out there for three hours!

Pip’s favorite bird at the lake is still a mystery to him – he hasn’t figured out it’s name yet. Stay tuned!

Liv loved the Red Winged Blackbirds

I personally was a fan of the pelicans and blue herons all over the west side of the lake! And the cute goslings – of course.


We hopped on the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies webinar this morning all on backyard birding. Liv lost interest fast, but Pip was all in! We learned that we may have more luck with our bird bath if we move it, two new types of food and feeders to try , and even ordered the two new feeders for the backyard!

After listening to the guest speaker, Pip really wants to try putting out shelled peanuts and fruit. So we purchased a Peanut Wreath Feeder and a Suet Basket. In the spring and summer we can put fresh fruit in the Suet Basket, and in the winter we can put suet cakes!

We spent some time doing the Robin Egg Math after little sis went down for rest time. It’s so fun to see Pip getting quicker and confident with his math facts! We also plated some Zeus on the Loose for more math practice today and let the math books on the cart.

We had some time remaining before a Zoom class, so we pulled up a few bird feeder cams and watched birds all over. The most active was this one in New York. But we also had fun seeing the bright birds at this one in Panama. We left the Panama Bird Feeder Cam up while we hopped onto a free Zoom class all about Owl Pellets. It was really wonderfully done (in both English and Spanish!) and we are excited to try out our own here during Week Three. Our pellets just came in the mail yesterday!

Even more rearranging of our Bird Shelf happened after this photo, the kids are utilizing it a ton. Before I was downstairs the other day, Pip had already been figuring out the Life Cycle of a Robin. I love having key materials so readily available for them. It gives them a lot of independence in exploring the Unit Study!

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