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Mr. Popper’s Penguins: Chapters 6-10

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In this part of the book, Mr. Popper begins to get to know his pet penguin, Captain Cook. And the locals get terribly confused by the newest member of their community. And the Poppers begin to watch some fascinating penguin behavior!


STEAM Activities


  • Shoebox fridge for Captain Cook’s Rookery
  • A rookery from rocks we have at home
  • We also made a second penguin same as last week – Greta!
  • Pictures will be on our Instagram this week!

Free Printable

Downliada free checklist of Captain Cook's Rookery collection from Mr. Popper's Penguins |

In Chapter 7 there is a long list of the things Captain Cook collected for his own rookery. So, we made a list and went hunting for how many things we could find and put in our rookery! I had to change a few items, or offer alternatives. We don’t have pipes in our home… or a buttonhook! Feel free to download the pdf of this checklist by clicking on the image above or clicking here.

We are fast becoming super penguin fans! See you back next Wednesday for Chapters 11-15!

❤ Tara





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